1983, born in Motril (Granada, Spain)//

I am a multidisciplinary artist interested in video art and new technologies being my most interesting photography and amateur video os the 900's.

In my work I make an invitation to immerse ourselves in a bewildering world to the absence of external agents. For this , I use old images that decontextualise to recreate through photomontage, ideas about identity and capitalist society in which we live. Interpreting and approaching a vision of the future to the present with images of the past.

By digital photomontage on transparent materials, seeking to capture images full of iconicidad and double meanings, where nothing is real and yet another, where everything is possible in a seemingly empty world in which I reflect on the existential absence in a world increasingly virtualized, it destroyed by capitalism.



Miguel Hernández University, Faculty of Fine Arts. Altea (Alicante, Spain).
Miguel Hernández University, Faculty of Fine Arts. Altea (Alicante, Spain).

Solo exhibitions

2018 "2/1". Sala Universitas. Edif. Rectorado y Consejo Social. Universidad Miguel Hernández de Elche. (Alicante, Spain).
2018 "Transit#2". Centro14 (Alicante, Spain).
2017 "Transit". Fundación Frax. Albir (Alicante, Spain).
2009 "Hembra". Centro Cultural, Casa Condesa Torre Isabel. Motril (Granada, Spain).

Art Residence

2017 ATE. Arts Territory Exchange. Canada

Group exhibitions

2018 In The Margin.Factory International Festival. Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts. (Aman, Jordan).
2018 XXXIX Certament Mini Cuadros. Museo del calzado. Elche (Alicante, Spain).(*)
2018 Arte 14. Centro 14. (Alicante, Spain).
2017 La Nit de l'art. Base Galería. Altea (Alicante, Spain).
2017 Bestiario, animaladas y otras fieras. Base Galería. Altea (Alicante, Spain).
2016 + es +, + es -, - es +, - es -. Fundación Frax. Albir (Alicante, Spain). (*)
2015/13 Arte e passione.Centro Hípico del Vivaro. Rocca Priora (Roma, Italy).
2014 Il salotto di Omero. Ass. Cultural, La Volpe all'uva. Frascati (Roma, Italy).
2013 Borgo in Arte. Auditorium. Castel Gandolfo (Roma, Italy).
2012 Carmina Burana in Jazz. Performance. Auditorium San Marco in Lamis (Foggia, Italia).
2009 Azur. Palau, Centre d´Arts. Altea (Alicante, Spain).
2009 LBA2 2ª Muestra de cine experimental y videoarte. Filmoteca. (Albacete, Spain).
2009 Transmutaciones. Centro Cultural, La Asunción. (Albacete, Spain). (*)
2009 Melide Mail Art. Sala Sanoguera. Melide (La Coruña, Spain). (*)
2009 Athenas Videoart Festival. Technopolis. (Atenas, Greece).
2008 Cultura Copyleft. Instituto Cabanilles (Alicante, Spain).
2008 Legítimos y Bastardos. Campus de Bellas Artes. Altea (Alicante, Spain).
2008 XXL Frames. Círculo de Bellas Artes. (Valencia, Spain).
2008 XX. Nuevos Creadores. Oficina de Turismo. Benidorm (Alicante, Spain).
2008 Marte. Centro Cultural, Los Arcos. Motril (Granada, Spain). (*)
2007 Penta Aniversario IVAM ELECTRA. IVAM, Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno. (Valencia, Spain).
2007 Bernia. Espai Cultural Obert (ECO), Universidad Miguel Hernández. Elche (Alicante, Spain). (*)
2007 Protagonistas. Palau, Centre d´ Arts. Altea (Alicante, Spain).
2005 Mira2 por debajo. Sala de exposiciones, Hangares. Altea (Alicante, Spain).


2018 Arte 14 Propuestas 2018. Centro14 (Alicante, Spain).
2018 Beca Producción artística “Boomerang”.Universidad Miguel Hernández. Elche (Alicante, Spain).
2017 Premio Extraordinario de Titulación. Universidad Miguel Hernández Elche (Alicante, Spain).
2012 "Creación juvenil - Premios Joven, Generación XXI". Motril (Granada, Spain).
2012 "Sustainable elegant solutions- Wind garden art, Energitismo". Denart Group. Fiera di Vicenza. (Vicenza, Italy).

Contest (Selection)

2018 XXXIX Certamen Mini Cuadros. Elda (Alicante, Spain).
2016 Fira Xicotet Format. Altea (Alicante, Spain).
2011 Pintura Rápida “Acesa”. Salobreña (Granada, Spain).
2011 Pintura Rápida "Año Jubilar Virgen de la cabeza". Motril (Granada, Spain).
2008 Barcelona Visual Sound. (Barcelona, Spain).
2008 Certamen Pintura Abstracta. La Nucía (Alicante, Spain).
2007 Pintura Rápida Font de la Favara. La Nucía (Alicante, Spain).
2007 Baronia de Polop. Centro Social. Polop (Alicante, Spain). FINALIST (*)
2006 Pintura Rápida Font de la Favara. La Nucía (Alicante, Spain).

(*)Edited Catalog

Acquisitions(Museums and Collections)

2018 "Between". Sculpture. Ayuntamiento de Alicante.
2017 "Purpose". Photography. Fundación Frax. Albir (Alicante).
2006 "Bacanal". Videoart. IVAM Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno (Valencia).